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Alas, Poor Hamlet; AKA RADA Hamlet review

To see or not to see... that is the question!
Over the past few years, any average theatregoer would have been privileged to encounter not one, but two amazing portrayals of our favourite Danish Prince. Having the privilege of seeing both the portrayal of Benedict Cumberbatch and Andrew Scott more recently, I was extremely pleased to win the ballot to see Tom Hiddleston's; it was more the idea of being able to compare the productions as all three were headed by extremely talented actors who've had an impact on modern cinema and theatre, and that all three were on a completely different scale.
Royal Academy of Dramatic Art's production of Hamlet was done as a part of their RADA Attenborough Campaign which aims to refurbish and improve the Academy buildings. With only 23 days of productions, it is an incredible privilege to have been able to see it. All of my theatre-going friends have applied for the ballot tickets as it was not possible to buy the tickets in any other way…

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